Leashing children: advantages and disadvantages

Leashing children: advantages and disadvantages

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Surely you have seen it in a shopping center, or on the street, always in places with a lot of crowds: parents leading their child on a leash. Maybe you have been missed, or outraged, or on the contrary, you have thought: 'Wow, what a good invention, so they don't get lost'.

There are two aspects: those who defend this way of ensuring that the child is not going to get lost and those who throw their hands at their heads warning about its supposed psychological consequences. Here are the advantages and disadvantages, the pros and cons of leashing children.

Many parents use a leash with their child when they go to places with a lot of people.. Yes, that strap that other parents used in their day to prevent their child from falling at that moment when they began to walk. But it's different. Your child can walk. What's more ... he's right at that age when they need to find out everything. To prevent them from getting lost (many parents think), nothing better than a leash, which ensures that your child is by your side, but without the need to be attached to one hand. However, the image is really ... humbling? Here are the opinions, for and against carrying children on a leash:

- In favor of carrying children on a leash: Parents who use this system are very clear about it: they prefer to endure criticism from other parents and prevent their child from getting lost in the middle of a large crowd. Could you choose to shake your hand? Yes but not the same. They ensure that in this way the child has more mobility than if it remains attached to one hand. This dad (Clint Edwards) write on your Facebook wall 'No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog', why you decide to put your 3-year-old daughter Aspen on a leash. He goes on to say that his daughter is so restless, that if she didn't, she would end up putting herself in danger or disappearing, and that it would be practically impossible for them to go to any shopping center or a place with a large crowd of people. Faced with the criticism he received in this viral message, he responded with: 'If you see someone wearing something like this, it is for good reason. Don't make assumptions. I am her father and I know this girl well to know that she needs her. So trust us. '

- Against carrying children on a leash: How do other parents respond to those who decide to use a leash with their children? Because not everyone sees it well, of course. Many see it as an aberration, and urge parents who use the leash with their 2-3 year old children to try other methods, which go through empathy, education or many other resources.

Some psychologists have been quick to alert on the possible consequences that this simple gesture can leave in the subconscious of children if it is something that is done against their will. For many of them it is somewhat 'humiliating' to walk tied to a leash, no matter how elastic and long it may be. However, it can be a good resource, they say, if this is something that is done by mutual agreement. In addition, when using the leash, the experts give some advice, such as not using the leash as is done with an animal, nor pulling it, but using it only to have the child located and to be able to have him watched.

And since this topic is controversial and implies positioning, here is my most humble opinion: where there is physical contact and the hand or arms of a parent, remove the strap. It will be because of what it represents, like the bars, but nothing that supposes a confinement or tie to freedom seems to me a serious error. Each child is different, of course, and each parent is entitled to use whatever methods they deem appropriate. But I, as I said, have not done it and never would.

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