Grandpa playing. Short poems for children

Grandpa playing. Short poems for children

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Grandparents are endearing and indispensable figures in the child's life. They provide affection, teachings, values, patience, closeness, support... A good relationship between grandparents and grandchildren makes the child grow morally and emotionally.

Grandparents and grandmothers give so much to their grandchildren that for this reason they are the protagonists of many poems and poems that grandchildren write as tributes. Poems are ways that children express their feelings, like this poem: 'The grandfather playing'.

The child looks at the grandfather

And invites him to play,

In pain is the grandfather,

But accept, without question.

When the minutes go by

The old man feels when he plays

That it doesn't hurt so much anymore

Which made him grieve.

And then

Then it's laughter

Those that are heard in pairs,

Of that grandson and that grandfather,

That they enjoy equally.

Ramon de Almagro

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