Little path from school. Cri Cri song for children

Little path from school. Cri Cri song for children

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We offer you the lyrics of a song that was very popular in its day and that now we can also recover for our children. Is named 'Caminito de la Escuela', and is by the famous Mexican composer and singer-songwriter Francisco Gabilondo Soler.

The song tells the way a series of animals makes to school. It is a fun and rhythmic song to sing with the children and encourage them to go to school positively and with enthusiasm.

Little path from the school,

rushing to get there,

with his books under his arm,

the whole animal kingdom goes.

The mouse with glasses.

From notebook the peacock.

And the dog carries in its mouth

an eraser.

very well bathed,

raising your feet,

they go to kindergarten


to go for the first time.

Little path from the school,

kicking to the end,

the turtle is flying

trying to be punctual.

Little path from the school,

because they want to learn,

all the animals go

delighted to return.

The camel with a backpack.

The giraffe with her shawl.

And a little elephant

shakes hands with his mom.

The lion is not missing,

monkeys too;

and even a shark.

Because in the books

you always learn

how to live better.

The turtle in writing

has asked Santaclós

his two pairs of skates

to be able to go fast

to be able to go fast.

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