Abuse of children to grandparents

Abuse of children to grandparents

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Grandparents greatly enrich family life, but their availability to help their children in building their families, does not mean that I can always sue and at any time, of your care and support. Depending on the age of the grandfather or grandmother, taking care of grandchildren can be a pleasure, or a daily nightmare. In factSometimes there is abuse of children to grandparents.

In the life of an older person there are two different stages: one that goes from 55 to 70 years of age, and another from 70 years. Normally, when grandparents are in the first stage, it is when they take care of the grandchildren. In many cases, overload your physical and emotional capacities, and end up being carried away by submission. Younger grandparents go through some difficult times in this period, which their grandchildren's parents should know and understand. At these ages, grandparents feel more alone due to the independence of their children, to their retirement, and they become more vulnerable due to their health.

On the contrary, those belonging to the second stage, not everyone has the ability to care for grandchildren. Still, there are other ways to involve older grandparents. One of them is valuing their presence, and listening to their advice and experiences. Thus, they will feel loved and respected.

Old people have health limitations that require care and attention. In many cases, these limitations are ignored or set aside to meet the need to care for grandchildren. Normally, it is a phenomenon that affects grandmothers more than grandparents. There are clear symptoms that indicate if the grandfather or grandmother is suffering from a stressful situation, or if they are being exploited or enslaved:

- When they carry out cleaning tasks, cooking, in addition to taking care of the grandchildren.
- When they present constant states of fatigue.
- When they suffer from hypertension
- When they have sudden rises in sugar
- When they are down
- When they are too sad and depressed.

If you observe that grandparents, having the responsibility of taking care of the little ones in the house, also present some of these difficulties, the best thing is to take care of them, chat with them, and together find a positive way out for both parties. It is essential that parents, as those responsible for their children, propose the means that guarantee a balanced and healthy relationship between grandparents, grandchildren and the rest of the family.

These tips can help your grandparents establish the role of grandparents in the family:
- Defend the importance of your role as a grandfather and not only as a grandchildren caregiver.
- Offer to take care of the children in the most critical moments for the couple. For example, when they cannot go to kindergarten or school, or stay with them on Sunday afternoons, etc.
- Whenever you can, make holidays a family reunion time. Make a snack for the family, just like the old days.
- Encourage meeting with your grandchildren, taking them to the park, to the movies, or giving them the odd gift for Christmas, for their birthday or on some special date.
- Never tell the parents of your grandchildren how to act in the presence of your grandchildren.
- Become a an image of peace, conciliation and stability for parents and grandchildren.
- Do not stay away from the little ones, pestering them.
- Always keep in touch with your grandchildren, be it by phone, regular visits, or picking them up to practice some activity.

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