When a child is given derogatory nicknames at school

When a child is given derogatory nicknames at school

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Many children are teased, ridiculed, or even humiliated by their peers on a daily basis at school. It is common for children to assign nicknames or nicknames to their classmates, on some occasions they are harmless but on others they are humiliating and end up affecting the child's self-esteem.

Perhaps even many of us have experienced in our childhood what it feels like to get a derogatory nickname or nickname at school by our peer group. It's very disgusting!

Some of the derogatory nicknames that are most frequently used during childhood are: margi, fat, skinny, nerd, brat, glasses, four eyes, dwarf, giraffe, stutterer, etc. In most cases they usually refer to physical appearance.

Being bullied often starts with a derogatory nickname or nickname given to you by your classmates. That does not mean that, just because our son's classmates have given him a nickname, he is suffering or will suffer bullying. However, in many cases it is usually the prelude to it. We must pay special attention if we also observe that the child's academic performance has decreased and that his mood is lower than normal.

If we observe that our child has been attributed a derogatory nickname or nickname, it is important to be vigilant about the relationship he maintains with his peers. It would even be advisable to speak with our son's tutor so that he has the information and monitor children's behavior in the classroom to prevent any situation of humiliation or harassment at school.

Bullying or bullying does not only occur when there is clearly visible verbal or physical aggression. There are many other behaviors that can be labeled as “harassment” due to the impact they have on the victim and the use of derogatory nicknames can be one of them.

Today, due to the irruption of new technologies in our society, we find ourselves with children who receive derogatory put-downs, nicknames, or nicknames through social media or mobile apps (eg whatsapp). Therefore, these types of conflicts no longer only take place at school, making it very difficult for parents to control the relationships that children have with their peers both in daily life and through the virtual world.

The influences that our child receives are not under our control, it is an impossible mission to avoid as parents who address our child with a derogatory nickname or nickname. It is an obvious fact that we cannot control or change the behaviors that others carry out but, if We can help our child to change his behavior so that others stop finding it fun to address him with a derogatory nickname.

As always, communication with our son is the best ally we have to help him. It is important that we ask our child the following questions:

- Who gave you the derogatory nickname at school?

- With what intention do you think he has given you that nickname?

- How does that nickname make you feel?

- What do you do when they call you that?

- Have you told them that you don't like being called that?

These questions need to be asked to get an idea about the situation our son lives with his peer group. Here are some concrete tips to help kids who get derogatory nicknames or nicknames from their peers:

- Let him know that he is a unique, special and unrepeatable person. We are all different. None is better another, we are simply different.

- Explain the importance of assume assertive behavior every time the classmates call him by the derogatory nickname. The child must have enough psychological strength to convey to his peers, in a calm and safe way, that he does not like that nickname and ask them to stop saying it.

- It's fundamental give the child our confidence to turn to us for helpEspecially in the case that you have not been able to put an end to the derogatory or humiliating nicknames you receive.

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