10 names for boys inspired by winter

10 names for boys inspired by winter

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If your child will be born next winter and you have not yet decided what it will be called from our site, we propose ten winter inspired name ideas, either because of its meaning, or because of its connection with this time of year.

Winter is the season in which the days are shorter, it is cold, in some places it even snows, but it is also the season in which we celebrate Christmas, and the arrival of Santa Claus and the Three Kings. Without a doubt, a magical station especially for the little ones.

1- Nicholas: is a name for children of Greek origin that means "The victory of the people." It is the name that in some countries receives Santa Claus or Santa Claus, being Saint Nicholas the legendary character that according to Western culture brings gifts to children for Christmas on the night of December 24 to 25.

2- Noel: related to this character we also find Noel. For some cultures Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas is called Papa Noel. It is a name that has become fashionable in recent years in countries like France.

3- Edur: if there is something that characterizes winter, it is snow and that is precisely the meaning of this name of Basque origin. In Basque it means 'snow'. It is the masculine equivalent of the feminine form Edurne.

4- Gaspar: he is one of the three wise men who worshiped the Child Jesus on the Epiphany day on January 6. Gaspar is also a name that has come back into fashion in recent years since it was previously almost out of use. It is a name of Persian origin and it means 'treasurer or administrator'. Among the personalities that are so called, the Spanish politician and doctor Gaspar Llamazares stands out.

5- Balthazar: another of the three wise men was Baltasar. It is a name of Assyrian origin and means 'God protects the king'. Among the personalities that bear this name we highlight the Spanish judge, Baltasar Garzón or the Italian architect Baltasar Longhena, among others.

6- Melchor: is a name for boys inspired by winter. It is of Hebrew origin and means 'the king of light'. Melchior was the one who wore gold as a gift, a symbol of strength and power. Among the famous people who are called this way, the Spanish writer Melchor Rafael de Macanaz stands out.

7- Daffodil: it is a plant that blooms in late winter and is usually yellow. It is also a name of Greek origin and means 'numbness'. We can highlight, among the famous names that are called that, the Spanish producer Narciso Chicho Ibáñez and the Spanish guitarist Narciso Yepes, Spanish guitarist. It is a name that is currently deprecated.

8- Hyacinth: of little common use we find the name of Jacinto. It is a highly valued plant because it provides a peculiar smell, it is also the ideal flower for winter. Hyacinth is a name of Greek origin. According to Greek mythology, Jacinto, son of Clío and Píero, died playing with Apollo. From his spilled blood, Apollo made a flower grow. We highlight the Spanish poet Jacinto Verdaguer and the Spanish playwright Jacinto Benavente.

9- Naseem: is of Arab origin. It has as variants Nasim and Nassim. It is a boy's name that means breeze or gentle wind.

10- Calder: Another of the characteristics of winter is that the waters of the rivers and seas are cold as this name represents. It is a name of Gaelic origin. It means 'cold and turbulent waters'.

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