10 indigenous names for girls

10 indigenous names for girls

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Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the name for the baby due to the many options we have. For those who want a return to their origins and for those who seek a original name and little used, we have some indigenous names for girls.

Latin American indigenous names refer us to original cultures and arrive loaded with forceful meanings. They are names that they like because they are original, because of their musicality and because they have a great personality. These are the 10 indigenous names prettiest for girls.

1. Citlalli. This is one of the prettiest indigenous names for a girl. It has an Aztec origin and means 'star'. Its soft musicality tells us of a delicate name with a lot of charisma.

2. Ariché. The name comes from the native Mexican town of Tarahumara and means 'sunset'. We like it because it is an original name without falling into eccentricity and because of its evocative meaning full of positive energy.

3. Eluney. It is a Mapuche name with one of the most accurate meanings for your girl. 'Heaven gift' is what this beautiful name means that also exudes personality.

4. Sami. The name is of Quechua origin and means 'lucky'. We like it because it is a short name with a strength that comes from its simplicity. Without fanfare and without extravagance, the name is totally fresh and original.

5. Yatzil. It is a Mayan name that means 'loved'. With this forceful and accurate meaning for a baby and with that sound so characteristic of indigenous names, Yatzil becomes one of the best bets for your girl's name.

6. Anahí. It is a Guaraní name with a meaning related to 'the ceibo flower'. This flower is considered the characteristic flower of Argentina and is surrounded by a beautiful legend in which Anahí turns into a plant when fleeing the Spanish conquerors.

7. Malén. This name is of Mapuche origin and means 'maid', although we also find it as a Basque name for a girl. We like it because it is not extravagant and it retains an original and sophisticated touch.

8. Suyay. The name is of Quechua origin and has a meaning of 'hope' that we love for any girl. It also has a very special musicality that makes the name one of the most beautiful indigenous names.

9. Itati. This name of Guaraní origin means 'the white stone'. It is one of the most popular indigenous names because it sounds sweet and emotional. Due to its tradition it is one of those names capable of reinforcing the personality of a girl.

10. Xotchil. It is an Aztec name that means 'flower'. With this meaning and with its forceful musicality, the name is placed as one of the most appreciated by families seeking to reconnect with their roots.

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