Hypothyroidism in children. Causes and symptoms

Hypothyroidism in children. Causes and symptoms

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Sometimes it starts like a slight pain in the throat that repeats continuously. The child puts his hand to the neck and sometimes when talking it seems something hoarse. Also fatigued. They are the first alarm symptoms, although not the only ones. The hypothyroidism in children it is not so easy to diagnose. Our son will have to undergo some tests.

The blame for this disease is a hormone called thyroid hormone. When its activity is slower, the hypothyroidism. It can be primary or secondary depending on where the problem is located (in the thyroid, in the hypothalamus or pituitary or in peripheral areas). In most cases it is congenital, that is to say, that the child acquires hypothyroidism from birth.

And how do we detect hypothyroidism? Obviously, it depends on the age at which it starts. The congenital hypothyroidism it can be detected as soon as it is born (even before). Do you remember that test they did to your son on the heel right after birth? Among other things, it served for this.

If the child is less than 3 years old, the pediatrician will detect a developmental problem in the child with symptoms such as:

- Slow growth

- Delay in psychomotor development

- Delay in closing the fontanel

- Hoarse cry

- Dry Skin

If the child is more than 3 years old, in addition to the above symptoms, it can also give a problem in the development of the bones, constant tiredness and increased hair on the body. In some cases, it may be muscle pseudohypertrophy. This is when the muscles become inflamed and enlarged. It affects the hands, feet, trunk, and hips.

In any case, the definitive test will be through a specific analysis that includes x-rays Y ultrasounds.

Hypothyroidism in children can occur for several reasons, although the component weighs a lot hereditary (in 60% of cases it is an inherited disease). The cause is a disorder in the thyroid gland.

Another reason is due to iodine deficiency (hence the doctor recommends an iodine supplement during pregnancy).

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