10 indigenous names for boys

10 indigenous names for boys

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When it comes to choosing the baby's name, we find so many options that it is very difficult to choose one or the other name. We put some order by organizing the baby names by interests and we find the indigenous names for children.

Latin American indigenous names for boys are perfect for those families who seek to reconnect with their origins and for those who seek original names moving away from traditional names. These are the 10 indigenous names more beautiful for children.

1. Nahuel. It is a Mapuche name that means 'Tiger'. We like it because it is not eccentric but it maintains an original and elegant touch that is difficult to resist.

2. Tupaq. This is a Mapuche name that means 'glorious'. One of the greatest attractions of indigenous names is their meaning, which in this case combines with a forceful sound.

3. Amaru. The name is of Guaraní origin and means 'rain'. It is one of the most popular indigenous names for boys and we like it because it is simple but at the same time transmits personality.

4. Ikal. This Mayan name that means 'spirit' It is a special name for its sound and meaning. It is one of those short names that does not lose strength or originality.

5. Tanok. It is a Tepehuano name that means 'Sun' very popular with Mexican families looking for native names that link them to their origins. The name is simple, original and forceful and therein lies its success.

6. Quillén. The Mapuche name and means 'handsome'. In addition to its meaning, what is most attractive about this name is that sound that exudes elegance and distinction.

7. Wamán. The name is of Quechua origin and means 'hawk'. In some places it can be a strange name, but it does not get to be eccentric and we especially like it for the force it transmits.

8. Newén. This Mapuche name that means 'force' It is one of the most attractive for children both for its meaning and its sound. It comes wrapped in charisma and personality, so it can be a good idea for your child.

9. Mainque. The Mapuche name and means 'Condor', one of those meanings that refer us to nature and freedom. It has a special musicality that makes it a strong and very original name.

10. Canek. It is a Mayan name that means 'black snake' and that was granted to the rulers. With this background, it is not surprising that it gains in popularity and that it becomes a safe bet for your child.

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