10 parenting mistakes that make it difficult for a child to learn in school

10 parenting mistakes that make it difficult for a child to learn in school

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The role of parents in the child's school learning is essential to make it easy and productive or hard and complicated. An overly demanding, unmotivating and disengaged attitude will make it much more difficult for the child to face his school learning.

On our site we tell you what 10 behaviors of parents do not help the child at school. They are attitudes that we must stop or correct if we want to facilitate the child's learning in school.

1. Doing the children's homework: Many times parents, almost without realizing it, end up doing the children's homework. We give them the answers to the questions they don't know rather than helping them find the answer for themselves. A mistake to avoid, what we must do is give them the ability to do their homework, motivate them, provide them with a suitable place and respect certain breaks so that they can continue with strength.

2. Give awards to grades: work and effort in school learning should be an obligation of children, therefore getting good curricular results should not be rewarded with trips or gifts. If we do so, the child's goal will not be the pleasure and benefit of learning new knowledge, but the gift itself.

3. Solve all your problems: Throughout school life the child will have to face various problems, be it an excess of homework, problems with classmates or teachers with whom they do not fit in. We must teach children to face them, to face them and to solve them when possible. If we overprotect them, we do not prepare them for the future.

4. Skipping the child's learning mode at school: "I learned to multiply this way, do it this way", parents sometimes interfere in the child's school learning, trying to impose our educational model and bypassing the school's methodology.

5. Demanding too much of them: sometimes we want children to be geniuses, to get the best grades, to be better than we were. This causes anxiety, stress, and frustration for children.

6. Not being interested in school affairs: being up to date with what is happening at school is essential to be able to help the child. We must know what they are learning, how, who in their teacher, meet with him regularly, know with which friends he plays, whether or not he likes the food in the dining room ...

7. Using homework as punishment: schoolwork, especially when it is excessive, can be a punishment, but it is absolutely counterproductive to punish the child to do more multiplication or to write an essay. You will understand that it is something negative.

8. Do not give positive reinforcement: Children need to hear how well you are doing, how hard you work, because it will be the engine that makes them persist at work.

9. Make everything revolve around the study: study and school are important, but they are not everything in the child's life. So much filling your day-to-day with school-related activities, talking constantly about school, putting too much expectation on them and living alone and for studies will make children end up hating you.

10. Disguise laziness: When the child is lazy and it is difficult for him to get to work, we must enhance and encourage pleasure from a job well done and not hide it behind the excuse that "the child is tired."

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