The exemplary response of a teacher that a mother tried to bribe

The exemplary response of a teacher that a mother tried to bribe

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There are parents who are capable of anything as long as their child passes in school. Parents who decide to solve all problems for their children, avoid trauma and frustration. Parents, like Lalito's mother, a 14-year-old (almost adolescent) boy whom she continues to treat as a 2-year-old.

One day, Lalito's mother decided to talk to her son's teacher, since he was just failing ... and offered him a bribe as long as he approved. This was the epic response of the teacher, (which works for all those parents who are still overprotective of their children). Here you have the exemplary response of a teacher who a mother tried to bribe.

Lalito's mother obviously had the phone number of her son's teacher. This one, by the way, he had already warned her numerous times about her son's repeated absences from class and the little effort that he showed daily with each subject. The result of this reluctance of the boy ?: a large number of failed subjects.

Lalito's mother, instead of taking it as a serious warning about the direction her son was taking, decided to fix his problems. How? He proposed to the teacher to do "whatever" as long as he approved. He did it through a series of WhatsApp messages. However, the professor's response was not what she expected. Pay attention to this teacher's great lesson. Valid for all parents who desperately try to cover up their child's problems:

Lalito's mother (Xenya) begins the conversation with a 'I am Lalito's mother. I'm very upset because he failed my son. ' From there, the conversation goes this way:

Teacher: 'Ma'am, your son is 14 now, you shouldn't call him lalito anymore ... And make sure he actually comes to school. A lot is missing!'

Xenya: 'Excuse me, professor, that's right, your dad left us and he still misses you a lot. What can I do so that I do not disapprove? I would do anything'.

Teacher: 'There's only one thing you can do ...

Xenya: tell me whatever. I swear I would do anything. just go to my lalito.


1. Please do something with your spelling. If not, your child will also fail Spanish.

2. Stop calling your son Lalito. He's 14 now and he's a bum who will end up in jail if you don't do something urgently.

3. Make sure he does come to school. He is absent 2-3 times a week and I often watch him at the exit, so he surely hangs out with the bums on the corner who only tease the girls all day. Stop OFFERING to solve your child's problems. If not, you will end up sleeping with every cop in town if your kid is still there.

4. And please, change your profile picture. Maybe that's why your husband left you, and not because he was disobedient.

It may seem like an overly aggressive response to you. Perhaps you think that the teacher could have said things differently ... and you may also think that it was an appropriate response. Be that as it may, it has many readings, but the main one, the moral that we could take from all this is: don't try to solve your child's problems for life. Teach him to face them and take charge of his life. Or it will never mature and will always be a child. Or not?

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