Fable with a moral for children: The teacher and the child

Fable with a moral for children: The teacher and the child

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. offers you an account of educational character, which will provide children with learning and a great way to make them reflect on certain situations in everyday life.

"Criticize the mistakes of others before helping him" This is what the fable with a moral for children speaks of"The teacher and the child" by Jean de La Fontaine. A story that tells the situation of a little boy in distress and a teacher who instead of helping him, reprimands and criticizes him. Through this story, children can learn the value of prudence and become aware of supporting others before seeing only their faults.

A boy fell into the water, playing on the banks of the Seine. God wanted a willow tree to grow there, whose branches were his salvation. I was attached to them when a schoolmaster passed by. The boy yelled:

"Help, I'm dying!"

The Dómine, hearing those cries, turned towards him, very grave and stiff, and in this way indoctrinated him:

“Has he seen a rogue like him? Behold in what trouble his giddiness has put him. Take charge after skulls like this! How unfortunate are the parents who have to take care of such bad little girls! They are well worth pitying! " and when the filipic was over, he brought the Boy to shore.

This criticism reaches many who do not figure it out. There is no charlatan, no censor, who does not feel good about the little speech that I have put on the lips of the Dómine. And of censors and charlatans, the family is long. Come or not to the case, they do not think of anything else than to show off their oratory.

- My friend, get me out of trouble and save the reprimand for later.

Moral: Before highlighting the mistakes of others, better first help him to improve his situation.

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