The lion and the hare. Aesop's Fable for Children

The lion and the hare. Aesop's Fable for Children

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Fables are generally short stories characterized by provide a teaching. They are perfect for instilling values ​​in children through animated characters that will provide them with very funny moments.

On this occasion we invite you to discover Aesop's fable "The lion and the hare." Through these two nice characters, children will learn a valuable lesson: value the positive things no matter how small they are, because if they are not, they will run the risk of ending up empty-handed.

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Surprised a lion to a hare that he slept peacefully. But when he was about to devour it, he saw a deer go by. He then left the hare for chasing the deer.

The hare woke up to the sounds of the chase, and not waiting any longer, he started to flee.

Meanwhile the lion, who could not catch up with the deer, already tired, returned to take the hare and found that it had escaped.

Then the lion said to himself:

- I well deserve it, because having already a prey in my hands, I left it to go after the hope of obtaining a bigger one.

Moral: If you have a small benefit, do not abandon it for a larger one, as you could lose everything.

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