10 names for girls inspired by spring

10 names for girls inspired by spring

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Are you waiting for your daughter's arrival next spring and you still haven't decided what her name will be? From our site we propose ten ideas of names for girls inspired by spring.

They are names for girls of different origins and sounds, although they all have a common premise: they are linked in one way or another with spring, the season in which the fields are dyed green, the temperatures soften, the days begin to be longer and the flowers paint the landscapes with colors.

1- Maya: It is a name of Greek origin comes from 'Maia'. It has several meanings depending on the use. Thus, in Roman mythology Maya is the goddess of nature and her name is used to describe the month of May of the calendar, while in Greek mythology Maya is the largest of the Pleiades and means "that of the maternal instinct."

2- Zahira: It is a name of Arabic origin that means "the one that has flourished." It is also used with the Zaira form. It is a name widely used in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Spain.

3- Magnolia: According to some experts it is a name of Latin origin, although others point to a French origin since it was the French botanist Pierre Magnol who discovered the species that bears this name. It means 'flowering tree'.

4- Fiorela: The protagonists of spring are undoubtedly the flowers. And this is a name of Latin origin and it means 'little flower'. In Italian it is the diminutive of flower. We also find use as Fiorella. With this name we can highlight the Spanish actress Fiorella Faltoyano, the Peruvian singer and actress Fiorella Cayo or the Colombian athlete Fiorella D’croz, among others.

5- Mulan: It is a name of Chinese origin that means 'magnolia in bloom'. It is also the name of the protagonist of the well-known animated children's film from Walt Disney Pictures that is titled in the same way.

6- Thalia: It is a name of Greek origin that means 'that flourishes'. We can also find the Talia form. With this name stands out the internationally known Mexican actress and singer Thalía and the American rock singer Thalia Zedek.

7- Margarita: It is a name of Greco-Latin origin and means "pearl flower" or "pearl" due to the white color of its petals. The name also corresponds to the ornamental flower Bellis sylvestris. Among the variations in different languages ​​and diminutives we find Marguerite, Margot, Marge, Marged, Maggie or Meg, among others. Among the personalities that are so called we find the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher or the Spanish actress Margarita Xirgu, among others.

8- Begonia: is a name for girls of French origin. Begonia is the name of a flower discovered by the French botanist Plumier in America. Sometimes it is confused with the feminine name of Basque origin Begoña although they are not equivalent.

9- Pink: It is a name of Latin origin that means "she who is beautiful like a rose." It symbolizes the flower of love. Among the variants of this name we find Rosalia, Rosita, Rosolinda or Roswitha among others. Among the personalities that are called this way, we highlight the Spanish journalist and writer Rosa Montero and the Spanish singer Rosa López.

10- Melisa: It is a name of Greek origin. Melissa was the nymph who discovered how to collect honey. That is why the meaning of this name is ‘bee, honey’. It is in spring when the bees begin to collect pollen to be able to make honey. Among the most used diminutives with this name we find: Mel, Lisa, Liss, Melba, Mely or Mía.

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