Backpack. Short children's fables

Backpack. Short children's fables

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Backpack is a short children's fable by Jean de La Fontaine, whose characters are little animals that all do is criticize each other. Throughout the story, the author reminds us how many times human beings do not see their own defects, but easily criticizes others.

This story is great to teach children the value of respect and tolerance; instill in them kindness, and acceptance of differences in others. It is also a very good way to encourage the habit of reading in them.

They say that Jupiter, ancient god of the Romans, one day summoned all the animals on Earth before his throne. He wanted to offer them that they could tell, without fear, if anyone had complaints about their appearance or their luck. When they introduced themselves, he asked them, one by one, if they believed they had a defect. If so, he promised to improve them until they were satisfied.

"Come here, mona, and you speak first," said the god. Look at all those animals and compare their beauties with yours. Are you fully happy? Or do you think, perhaps, you have some defect? I could help you…

"Are you talking to me, sir?" The monkey jumped. I flaws? I looked in the mirror and I looked splendid. I have four legs, like everyone else, and my portrait seems beautiful to me. Instead, the bear, did you notice? It has no waist!

"Let the bear speak," Jupiter asked.

Everyone believed then that the bear would complain, but no: he greatly praised its figure.

"Here I am," said the bear, "with this perfect body that nature gave me." Lucky not to be a mole like the elephant! It is a shapeless mass, without beauty! It should cut off its ears and lengthen its tail!

"Let the elephant show up…" Jupiter said.

The latter came forward and, with a very discreet speech, said very similar things.

"Frankly, sir," he declared, "I have nothing to complain about, although not everyone can say the same." There you have it, the ostrich, with those ridiculous ears ...

"Let the ostrich pass," continued the god, already a little tired.

"For me, don't bother," said the bird. I am so proportionate! So fast! I can run at the speed of light! On the other hand, the giraffe ..., with that neck ...

Jupiter ushered in the giraffe, who, in turn, said that the gods had been generous to her.

-Thanks to my height, I see the landscapes of the earth and the sky, not like the turtle, which only sees the rubble.

The turtle, for its part, said it had an exceptional physique.

-My shell is an ideal refuge. When I think of the toad, who has to live in the open ...

"Let the toad pass," Jupiter said somewhat wearily.

So they continued to happen: the toad accusing the whale lady of being too fat, the latter finding the very small ant, who in turn was judged as a colossus compared to the worm ...

-Enough! Jupiter exclaimed. It only remains for a blind animal like the mole to criticize the eagle's eyes.

"Precisely," the mole began, "I wanted to say two words: the eagle has good eyesight, but isn't his bare neck horrible?"

-This is the last straw! Jupiter said, ending the meeting. They all think they are perfect and think that others are the ones who must change.

So, he dispatched them after hearing them criticize each other and find each one so happy with himself

We are like eagles to others and like moles to ourselves. We forgive others nothing and we, all because we see ourselves with different eyes than our neighbor.

Thus, the creator made us all with saddlebags; He put, behind, the backpack of our faults and, in front, the bag of other people's defects.

Moral: Before criticizing others, we must realize our own shortcomings. Reflect and not judge others.

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