Children's fable with a moral. The fox and the monkey king

Children's fable with a moral. The fox and the monkey king

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One of the main characteristics of a fable is that they teach us a moral, but what is a moral? It is a teaching that is learned through a story or some event. Children learn values ​​and how to react to situations in their daily lives. The best thing is that it helps them discover for themselves life lessons, invites them to reflect and also to have a great time reading funny stories.

If you want to teach your children morals through stories, we recommend this children's fable with Aesop's moral: The fox and the monkey king. A story that will make you reflect on the skill and cunning that being a leader entails, not feeling superior to others and above all being humble.

At an animal meeting, the monkey danced so beautifully that, winning the sympathy of the spectators, he was elected king.

Jealous, the fox for not having been chosen, saw a piece of food in a stocks and took the monkey there, telling him that he had found a treasure worthy of kings, but that instead of taking it to take it to him, he had kept it to let him personally take it, as it was a royal prerogative.

The monkey approached without further reflection, and was pressed into the stocks.

Then the fox, whom the monkey accused of setting him up, replied:

- You are very silly, monkey, and you still pretend to reign among all animals!

Moral: You have to have skill and cunning to know how to govern.

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