The shoemaker boy. Children's poems with values

The shoemaker boy. Children's poems with values

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This poem, The shoemaker boy, tells the story of a boy who decides to help his grandfather fix his shoes. A story told in the form of a verse that will help us to promote a taste for poetry from childhood.

In addition, this children's poem with values ​​helps us to explain to children the importance of cooperating at home, of helping with daily tasks, not only because of the importance of collaborating, but also for the satisfaction of doing a job well done.

This children's poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría helps us explain to our children the value of effort and work. A short poem to introduce children to the wonderful world of poetry.

" Whose shoes are those?"

The child asks his grandfather.

while taking them in his hands

seeing if they have an arrangement.

"From Alexander the Plumber"

His grandfather answered.

at the same time that this little

has risen from the ground.

«Let me try grandpa

that I will fix them,

you go home and rest

and have something to eat.

The advantageous student

he starts to glue the covers,

so many times has he noticed

that immediately repairs them.

Then with bitumen and a rag

cleans and polishes them,

«They have been like new!»

says the boy aloud.

The shiny shoes

are on the shelf,

will have to help at home

a little bit every day.

When Alejandro has arrived

has paid what was agreed,

for a job well done

then he congratulated him.

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