Hopscotch. Games for kids

Hopscotch. Games for kids

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Hopscotch game, also know as Trick, fight, the square, the Chilean or the kite, It is a very fun activity that boys and girls play. It is a game that helps children learn and write numbers and awakens their skills such as counting, reasoning and improving their balance.

The number sequence that is required to play hopscotch encourages children to develop logical mathematical thinking. The jumps that children will have to give will give them greater agility, coordination and strength. It is a game that helps children's motor development.

Here is, step by step, how you can play hopscotch with children:

1 - With a chalk, draw a diagram composed of 10 squares, then write the number from 1 to 10, with different colors of chalk. You can do a larger or smaller hopscotch, depending on the size and abilities of the children.

2 - Next, to start playing, the child must stand behind the first square, and throw the stone. The house where it falls will be the place where the child cannot step.

3 - The child will start the circuit with a jump to the limp (if there is only one square) or two feet (if the square is double). The objective is to pass the stone from square to square to number 10 and back.

4 - If the child falls or the stone leaves the square, it will be the next player's turn.

5 - You can also innovate in this game. Hopscotch can be done with different formats to facilitate or hinder the game. Creativity counts.

If you haven't played hopscotch with your child yet, it's good to know more about this fun activity:

  • Recommended agea: from 4 years.
  • Where do you play?: patio, sidewalks, on the beach (wet sand), in squares or sports fields.
  • How many participants?: more than 1
  • Necessary materials: chalk or wand (in the sand), and a stone

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