15 false beliefs about kids with ADHD

15 false beliefs about kids with ADHD

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In recent decades we have heard about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on many occasions and, most of us, we think we know and fully understand what ADHD is, but do we have the correct information?

There are many myths or false beliefs about children with ADHD. Everyone has an opinion, everyone speaks and many people give recommendations to help children with ADHD, but are these people really well informed?

On our site we are going to dismantle the existing myths about ADHD to publicize this disorder and demolish the erroneous beliefs that revolve around it.

Misinformation or misinformation directly damages the vision that society has about ADHD, this makes children with ADHD become great strangers and does not facilitate, as far as possible, normal functioning in their day a day.

These are the 15 myths about children with ADHD that are important to debunk:

1. ADHD does not exist. Fake!

2. ADHD is a new disease. It is an invention of the pharmaceutical industry to increase its income. Fake!

3. ADHD is diagnosed a lot now because it is fashionable. Fake!

4. ADHD occurs only in men. Fake!

5. Parents or teachers are to blame for the child's having ADHD. Fake!

6. The child with ADHD is less intelligent. FAKE!

7. ADHD is more common in children whose parents are permissive and do not make the child "clear." Fake!

8. ADHD disappears in adolescence. Fake!

9. Kids with ADHD are bad, disobedient and lazy. Fake!

10. ADHD is a mild disorder that should not be given importance as it has no future consequences. Fake!

11. It is harmful to medicate children with ADHD and therefore it is necessary to avoid drugs at all costs. Fake!

12. ADHD medication creates addiction in children. Fake!

13. ADHD can be cured. Fake!

14. ADHD is in no way hereditary, it is exclusively a consequence of the child's environment. Fake!

15. Children with ADHD will not be successful in life. FAKE!

These are the main myths that society echoes. From our site we recommend giving truthfulness to the information that comes exclusively from professionals who know exactly ADHD (pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.).

There are also, in all cities, associations formed by professionals specialized in ADHD and by relatives of people with this disorder who offer proven information and guidance or advice to families who are unaware of the steps to follow when a child receives a diagnosis of ADHD.

If your child has received a diagnosis of ADHD, do not worry and take care to contact professionals who specialize in this disorder so that they can guide you in this regard.

Doing nothing is not an option, the child deserves to have the same opportunities as other children and to achieve normal functioning in their day-to-day life and, for this, in most cases it is necessary for the child to receive psychological and pharmacological treatment in combination. Find out and take action!

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