The ugly doll. Cri Cri song for children

The ugly doll. Cri Cri song for children

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Francisco Gabilondo Soler, known as Cri Cri, he composed many songs for the children. some happier, others with a slower pace, but most tried to transmit values, talk about emotions and feelings.

In the case of 'the ugly doll', Cri Cri tells us about children's self-esteem and their complexes. Enjoy with your children the lyrics and melody of this popular song.

Hidden in the corners.

Afraid that someone will see her,

he talked with the mice

the poor ugly doll.

A little arm has already broken

His face is full of soot.

And when she felt forgotten she cried

little tears of sawdust.

Little doll, said the mouse,

don't cry anymore, silly girl,

you are not right.

Your friends are not those of the world,

because they forgot you in this corner.

We are not like that.

They want you the broom and the dustpan.

The duster and beater love you.

Love you the spider and the happy old guy.

I love you too, and I want you happy.

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