Balanitis. Swelling of the child's penis

Balanitis. Swelling of the child's penis

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The balanitis it is an inflammation of the foreskin and the glans (the tip of the penis) of the boy. They remain red, swollen and tender to the touch. In addition, pus may be seen coming from inside the opening, causing pain when urinating. It is a bacterial infection under the foreskin thataffects the glans. It is more likely to occur in men who have a narrow foreskin, in whom it is difficult to retract it and maintain proper hygiene.

In some cases, the child may feel chills, fever, and stinging when urinating. It should be noted that balanitis can be a symptom of other inflammatory diseases or dermatological. Diabetes, especially if blood glucose is poorly controlled, is a risk factor for balanitis. This condition can get complicated and cause a edema causing a phimosis or inability to retract the foreskin back. The cause is the adhesion of the foreskin to the inflamed glans.

How to treat penis inflammation in boys? There are some prevention and treatment measures for Balanitis. offers some:

1. Medical control with antibiotic ointment and, if the child has a very tight foreskin, a circumcision that can be practiced when the child turns six years old.

2. At home, what can be done is to keep the penis of the child or baby always clean, with more frequent diaper changes, and apply a Antiseptic cream before any inflammation, in addition to the protective cream.

3. Proper underwear hygiene should also be maintained, eg rinsing all clothing thoroughly to remove traces of detergent.

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