Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter A

Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter A

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Sometimes it is difficult to decide on a name for your girl, for the great variety where to choose or because there is no agreement and tastes are different. But when it comes to naming the baby, you have to look to the future and think about how your girl will feel comfortable.

To help you choose the name of your girl, we have selected the most popular and frequent names according to the letter they start with. In this case, we have a list of 10 names for girls that begin with theletter a. What name do you like for your girl?

1. Sunrise. It is a name of Latin origin that is presented as one of the most attractive names for girls. With a meaning that combines sunrise with the purity of white, this is the perfect name to highlight the delicacy and beauty of your girl.

2. Adriana. The name is of Latin origin and has a meaning related to the sea. Its popularity has increased over the years and it has the charm of those traditional names that have not been worn, but maintain an original and fresh touch.

3. Ainhoa. This name has a Basque origin with a meaning that refers to the fertility of the land. It stands out for the strength and personality that it has, making its popularity cross borders, going from being a local name to becoming one of the frequent names.

4. Ana. It is a name of Hebrew origin that stands out for its simplicity and forcefulness. Backed by the weight of tradition, Ana is appropriate to mark the character and personality of your girl. In addition, it can appear combined in an infinite number of compound names.

5. Aitana. This name has a possible Latin origin that refers to the Iberian tribe of the Edetanos, although there is no agreement on its origin or its meaning. This mystery that surrounds the name of Aitana, only increases its attractiveness that is enigmatic and seductive.

6. Alejandra. The name has a Greek origin and is as frequent as its masculine, Alexander. Its popularity is due to the force that emanates from its meaning, but it is also a name for a girl that likes because it exudes charisma and personality.

7. Ariadna. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning related to purity. Transmitted thanks to the Greek mythical corpus, Ariadna is full of mysterious, seductive and charismatic evocations. Without a doubt, a safe bet to highlight the personality of your girl.

8. Andrea. This name is of Greek origin and has a long tradition although it has reached its maximum popularity today. Less used over time than its masculine, Andrés, this name has an elegance and sophistication that enhances its appeal.

9. Ainara. The name has a Basque origin and a meaning that refers to swallows. Its popularity has crossed borders thanks to that musicality that denotes balance and harmony, characteristics that will accompany the personality of your girl.

10. Angela. It is a name of Greek origin that has a long tradition, but has enough creativity to reinvent itself and adapt to the times. In this way, Ángela turns out to be a name for a girl that is fully up-to-date with all the elegance and naturalness.

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