Ten names for girls inspired by winter

Ten names for girls inspired by winter

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If you are expecting a girl who will be born next winter, or you simply like names related to this season of the year, perhaps these ideas that we propose can come in handy. from our site.

Winter is characterized by the drop in temperatures, snowy landscapes or frost, and it is the propitious time of flowering and also of harvesting for some species, in one way or another the names that we propose are related to these particularities of this season . They are names that have different origins and meanings but they all have one thing in common: they are related in one way or another to winter. Here you have the list with ten names for girls inspired by winter.

1. Snows: if something characterizes winter it is cold and low temperatures. For this reason this name is undoubtedly the protagonist of this time. The origin of this name is Latin and means "that which has supreme whiteness." In other languages ​​the variations of this name are quite curious, using Nives in Italian, Edurne in Basque or Neus in Catalan: Neus. Personalities such as the Spanish journalist Nieves Herrero, the Spanish actress Neus Asensi, or the Spanish singer Edurne are known by this name.

2. White: the origin of this name is German. It means 'brilliant'. The adaptation of Bianca in Italian or Whitney in English is used. The Spanish model Blanca Suárez, Whitney Houston, the famous American singer, the Peruvian tennis player Bianca Botto or the Mexican actress Blanca Guerra, among others, stand out with this name.

3. Camellia: It is the winter flower par excellence since it is the season in which it blooms, bringing joy with the tones of its leaves. This name is of Latin origin and could mean ‘camel’.

4. Zahra: It is a name of Arabic origin that means 'white' and also according to some voices it means 'bright'. Characteristics par excellence of the winter phenomenon of snow. Among the variants of this name we find Zhora or Zahara.

5. Olivia: the olive harvesting campaign is carried out in the middle of the winter season. Hence, we propose this name of Latin origin with which it refers to the fruit of the olive tree. It means the one that protects peace. Among the famous personalities that are called like this, we should highlight Olivia Newton-John, Australian actress and singer, María Olivia Mönckeberg Pardo, Chilean journalist, and Olivia, a fictional character, who was Popeye's girlfriend.

6. Eira: It is an unusual name of Scandinavian origin that means 'snow'. Sometimes we can also find it with the Heira form. It represents a Scandinavian goddess, specifically the goddess of health who offered happiness and tranquility to the gods.

7. Hydrangea: It is a name that was used more frequently in Spain a few decades ago, and is practically in disuse today. In this season the winter hydrangea blooms, characterized by always having its green leaves. It is a name of Latin origin and means 'gardener'.

8. Holly: It is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means 'holly'. It is a small tree that is used as a Christmas ornament and its fruits are called mistletoe. Tradition has it that couples who kiss under the holly fall in love forever. Among the personalities that are called this way, we highlight Holly Hunter, the American actress who won the Oscar for her role in the film 'The Piano'.

9. Edelweiss: It is a name of German origin and means 'the flower of the snows'. It is a small plant that believes in the heights. We can find it in the Alps and in the Spanish Pyrenees. It is the national flower of Austria.

10. Pull: It is a name of Kurdish origin that means frost. Like the one that occurs during the cold winter months. This name stands out for the model and Costa Rican television journalist, although born in Dubai, Jale Berahimi.

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