8-year-olds should continue to use car seats in the car

8-year-olds should continue to use car seats in the car

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Children, even after 8 years of age, should not be “rewarded” by their parents by wearing only the seat belt when driving. Pediatricians insist and warn that they should continue to use safety seats, appropriate to their weight and age, which are the only restraint systems that guarantee their safety in the car.

Although in recent years, thanks to the awareness about the safety measures of children in the car, deaths from traffic accidents have decreased, traffic accidents remain one of the main causes of infant mortality. Therefore, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) asks parents not to shorten surveillance and also to educate their children about safety rules. Only then can children establish and follow precautionary habits.

It is very common that as children get older, parents relax about their safety. Every day the child is more autonomous, wants to do everything by himself, and many times without our realizing it, we no longer monitor them as before. However, when it comes to security issues, we cannot relax. The child will be safer in the car if they use restraint systems, since it is proven that the proper use of these systems can prevent a large part of the deaths and injuries in the event of accidents.

Advice from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics on children's road safety:

- Always use, both on the road and in the city, retention devices (ERI) appropriate to the child's age and weight, at all ages, even older children. The ERI harnesses or belts must fit over the child's body without slack.

- Always carry children in the rear seats of the vehicles.

- During a trip it is necessary to take frequent breaks (every two hours maximum), avoiding extreme temperatures inside the vehicle and giving the little ones drink frequently. Keep an eye on these recommendations also on small routes.

- Finally, adults must have a responsible and exemplary attitude, taking extreme care with the use of the seat belt, with abstinence from consumption of alcoholic beverages before driving and with moderation of speed on the highway and in urban areas.

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