Natural remedies to clear children's noses

Natural remedies to clear children's noses

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Nasal congestion occurs when the membrane that covers the inside of the nose becomes inflamed due to the presence of viruses, bacteria, or allergens. This inflammation is what blocks the nostrils and obstructs the passage of air. We tell you how to free the sinuses by eliminating excess mucus. Do not miss these fantastic natural remedies to clear children's noses.

Whether due to allergies, sinusitis or a constipation, nasal congestion is usually very annoying since it can cause difficulty in breathing. Take note of the natural remedies that will end a "stuffy" nose of the smallest of the house. No more stuffy noses!

1. Chopped onion. This method consists of cutting an onion into four parts and placing it near the children while they are sleeping. The strong smell that the onion gives off will help clear your nose.

2. Steam with eucalyptus leaf. Take a handful of eucalyptus leaves and boil them in water for 5 minutes. Subsequently, the child has to inhale its vapor, so that their airways will be cleaned naturally.

3. Massage between the eyebrows. It is an acupressure technique (belonging to the traditional medicine china) which consists of placing the fingers at the starting point of each eyebrow, the head is tilted and the fingers begin to slide until they reach the middle of each eyebrow. The massages should be in a circular shape and maintaining a constant pressure. Exerting pressure stimulates secretions and clears the sinuses.

4. Massage in the nose. To clear children's noses it is recommended perform massages on the nostrils. First, the ring fingers should be placed just below the eyes and the cheek is massaged in circular motions, then the nostrils are massaged for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat this process until the child feels relief.

5. Nasal wash. To do this, the child must be lying on his back with his head on the side, then the physiological serum (specialized saline solution for nasal washes) is poured with a syringe through the nasal passage that is above. The solution will come out of the lower nostril along with the excess mucus.

6. Hot compress. Take a napkin, dip it in hot water, and drain it. When it is warm, place it on your child's nose for a few minutes, so the snot will become more liquid. Finally you should blow your nose.

7. Take a shower. Lack of humidity can lead to nasal congestion, that is why the hot water vapor that is produced when showering will help clear the nose. You can also place a humidifier in the child's room, maintaining an ambient humidity of between 30 and 50%.

8. Hydrate yourself. Drinking fluids, especially hot ones, will thin the mucosa and help drain it. Even a hot soup will help serve that purpose.

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