10 Fall Inspired Boy Names

10 Fall Inspired Boy Names

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Will your child be born next fall and you have not yet decided what his name will be ?. Perhaps these ten ideas that we propose from

They are names with different origin and sound that have something in common: their connection with the autumn season, the season in which ocher tones flood the wooded areas and the fall of the leaves, the wind and the rain together with the descent of temperatures are the protagonists. Jot down these 10 fall inspired boy names. Maybe you will find the name you were looking for.

1. Edahi: the origin of this name is Anglo-Saxon. It means 'God of the wind'. An atmospheric phenomenon characteristic of autumn that rocks the branches of the trees and causes the leaves to fall.

2. Bosco: It is a name of Italian origin that means 'Forest'. It is one of the names that are gaining popularity in recent years.

3. Ghaith: It is a name of Arabic origin and means 'rain'. It is also used in the Ghayth form. It is not a very widespread name.

4. Silvestre: It is a name of Latin origin that means 'from the forest, wild'. Among the famous personalities that are so called we can highlight the American actor Sylvester Stallone.

5. Indra: This name of Mayan origin means "the one who possesses the raindrops." He is considered the god of war, the atmosphere, the visible sky, the storm, and lightning.

6. Ekaitz: ‘Storm and tempest’ are the meanings of this name of Basque origin. It is related to the goddess of Basque mythology Mari, since she creates them and sometimes adopts this form to move from one place to another.

7. Jorge: name of Greek origin. It means 'he who works the land'. He is the patron of many localities, of warriors and horsemen, of acrobats and of peasants. Autumn is the season when the land is prepared for the next harvest.

8. Whistle: It is a name of Latin origin. Its meaning is related to the forest and uncultivated land. Its use is not very common. It is more prevalent in Albania, Slovenia, the United States of America, Malta, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

9. Oihan: It is a name of Basque origin and it means 'the one that comes from the forest'.

10. Wayra: it means 'wind and air'. It comes from the Aymara language. The Aymara are an indigenous ethnic group from the Andes and highlands regions of South America.

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