The lion. Poetry with values ​​for children

The lion. Poetry with values ​​for children

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Discipline, rules, and limits are important in a home, right? But kids often test those limits with their antics. There you are, as a father or mother to be respected.

The lion is a poetry with values ​​for children, which focuses on the issue of respect for parents. Do not stop reading it with your children to talk about this topic.

A large lion

bragged about the jungle,

of her pretty mane.

A very long mane,

ash and sand color,

with a shimmering shine

as smooth as silk.

he approaches the river to drink,

the water that is so fresh

of great relief it has been.

After looking for the shadow

of a big green walnut,

the fresh scent reaches you

the place is ideal.

After a while he dreams that he eats

a sweet and crunchy bread,

already smells like a hot oven

has started to drool.

Two very naughty squirrels

have come to his side,

with hardly any noise

the mane has been braided.

The lion waking up

he feels that he is going to explode

drink fresh water again.

Squirrels in the tree

the two shout at him dancing,

clapping their palms

together they are celebrating it.

The lion's roar

is heard throughout the jungle,

a deafening noise

come out of the caverns.

No one laughs in the jungle

never a roar so loud

there it had been heard.

The lion is always the king

with manes or with braids,

and with its loud roar

makes it clear in the jungle.

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