10 dangerous infusions for the baby

10 dangerous infusions for the baby

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When babies become ill, mothers may choose to provide Natural medicine that many times, without knowing it, they harm the child more than help him. The desire to find the most "natural" thing for the baby is not always the best option, since many herbs can have side effects. Do not forget that many plants contain components that if taken in excessive amounts or at an inappropriate time, they can cause intoxication.

It is also necessary to take into account that a child cannot be “medicated” in the same way as an adult, they are much smaller and therefore it is much more difficult to dose an infusion. To avoid harming the health of babies, We tell you which are the 10 dangerous infusions for the baby.

1. Oregano. It is used to stop colic, however, due to its stimulating effects, this plant can cause nervous alterations, as well as cardiac excitation. Even in pregnant women it can be abortive.

2. Ruda. It is used to stop mucus in the nose, but it can cause stomach irritation, spasms, sleep problems, and liver and kidney damage. In pregnant women it can cause uterine contractions and increase blood flow, which is why it is equally harmful to them.

3. Lemongrass leaf. They use it to indigestion, but it can cause reflux, dehydration and above all it contains caffeine, a component that is not recommended for children.

4. Soursop leaves. It is usually given so that the baby can sleep, but it can contribute to damaging the peripheral nervous system, affect the cardiovascular system and in pregnant women it can cause uterine contractions.

5. Star anise. Remedy to avoid gases. Its side effects are increased stomach acidity, nausea and vomiting.

6. Epazote. It is commonly used for remove parasites or intestinal worms, however it can be extremely toxic to babies, causing abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea and dizziness.

7. Anamú. This plant has been used many times as a natural remedy for sinusitis, however, it is not suitable for children.

8. Lettuce leaf. Despite its calming effect, it may in the long run lead to an increase in fluid retention, gas proliferation, bloating and discomfort.

9. Sage. It is usually given for hoarseness, however, it is toxic to babies.

10. Guava bud. It is used to stop diarrhea, but it can cause constipation. It is also not indicated for pregnant or lactating women.

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