10 Danish names for boys

10 Danish names for boys

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If the time has come to choose a baby name, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the myriad of naming options. To make finding that ideal name, we are selecting the best names for boys according to their origin.

Danish names for boys are an interesting option to consider because they are original and forceful names. Names with personality that can be perfect for babies and that you find in this list of 10 Danish names for boys.

1. Sten. This Danish name is one of the most forceful for its sound and also for its meaning, since it is related to 'the stone'. We like it because despite not being anything known, it is not extravagant, but original and strong.

2. Arvid. It is one of the most interesting Danish names for boys. Its meaning make reference 'to the eagle' and it is one of those distinguished names capable of bringing personality to any child.

3. Ulrik. The name is the Danish variant of a name of Germanic origin that means 'prosperity'. It is one of the most popular names for boys in the Nordic countries because it is full of strength and charisma.

4. Klaus. We are facing the Scandinavian variant of a name of Greek origin that means 'the victory of the people' and that is more familiar to us in the Nicolas form. In this version the name is reduced but gains in force and attractiveness.

5. Anders. Again a version of a Greek name, in this case Andrés, which means 'brave man'. We like this Danish variant because it is more modern and adds an original touch to a very traditional name.

6. Harald. This Danish name means 'generous host' and it is known to be a name of kings and princes. It has a special musicality that makes it very attractive and gives off personality.

7. Einar. With a meaning of 'Warrior', This typically Nordic name gains followers among families who are looking for original, charismatic and strong names without falling into extravagance.

8. Erik. It is surely the most popular name of Scandinavian origin in the world and means 'eternal power'. It is not surprising because it exudes charm and charisma, so we are facing one of those safe bets to find the perfect name.

9. Hans. It is the Danish variant of a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the merciful' and that is very familiar to us, the traditional Juan. In this version the name gains in sophistication and modernity, so it can be perfect for your baby.

10. Lars. This name is the Danish form of a name of Latin origin that means 'crowned with laurel' and that we know as Lorenzo. In this Danish variant you can see the charm of short names that retain all the personality.

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