Organizing children's toys

Organizing children's toys

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It is very common that, as children get older, they begin to pile toys all over the house. Piles appear everywhere and good organization becomes more and more necessary every day.

A child cannot be required to pick up his toys when he is done playing without predetermining a place for everything. Before demanding, you have to teach classify and order each toy, establishing a place for each one. We teach you how should be the organization of children's toys.

To establish an order and a classification of the toys, It is necessary to be clear about the place where the toys will be stored. It is advisable that you choose the most appropriate place and do it with your child: it can be in a corner of the room, in another room, in the garden, in a closet, etc. It is important that the place where the toys are kept is the same where the child usually plays. It is also essential that the play space is safe, well ventilated, protected, has good lighting, is clean and is ideal for the child to play spontaneously, calmly and without pressure.

After finding the right location, a good idea would be to give each corner a name. Give a name like "magic corner" (board games), "reading corner", or "professions corner" (doctor, cart, block games) and so on. It can also be called "chest of drawers", "bag of", or "box of". The important is separate them according to the activity that each one develops. If your child can already write, ask him to write the name of each corner in his own handwriting. Playing, you can order and, at the same time, help your child to acquire the habit of putting away their toys.

Like everything, teach the child to store and take care of their toys It has to be done from a young age. If you insist that every time you finish playing you have to put each toy in its place, you will create a routine of always picking up. And always remember that children imitate what they see, so parents should also try to be orderly. The responsibility of organizing your toys will not come in a minute. Parents should teach their children how to store each toy, with great patience, so that they get used to it little by little.

When your child brings a friend to play at home, take advantage of the occasion. That is a good step for your child to learn to share his toys. Explain that he should offer a toy to his friend so that he too has fun. It is normal for there to be disputes for some toy. In that case, get the children's attention to do another activity. It is important that when they finish playing, they play to collect the toys. This will give your child the opportunity to "show off" in front of his friend, to put everything in order.

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