Symptoms of childbirth. Break waters. Rupture of the amniotic fluid sac

Symptoms of childbirth. Break waters. Rupture of the amniotic fluid sac

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The sac filled with amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby breaks, this is called breaking waters and is one of the symptoms of childbirth if the pregnancy has passed the barrier of 37 weeks of gestation. When the bag of waters breaks, you will notice that a clear or light yellow liquid comes out via the vagina. You can differentiate it from a loss of urine because the flow of fluid is constant and with the movements you make it is accentuated. The pregnant woman usually feels a jet of hot water down her legs, as if it were urine.

The rupture of the bag of waters is generally a symptom that labor is imminent or that it has already begun, however, on some occasions it can occur before delivery. It is important to know that not all women break their waters at the same stage. Some may break waters before labor contractions.

If it happens in preterm pregnancies, that is, before week 37, hospital admission will be recommended so that the woman is treated with corticosteroids and thus help the baby's lung maturation or they can even administer antibiotics to prevent an infection of the amniotic fluid. The doctor will also assess the provision of drugs to slow the evolution of labor if the 34th week of pregnancy has not yet been reached.

In any case, if the amniotic sac ruptures during the term of pregnancy, the woman should:

  • Record the time when the aminiotic fluid begins
  • Check the color of the liquid, that is, if it is whitish, transparent, yellow, greenish or dark
  • Go to the hospital immediately

If the tear occurs after the 37th week of pregnancy, the gynecologist will perform an examination to assess whether labor has started. In case it has not started, you will have to wait a few hours to see if it starts, since contractions generally start 12 hours later. If not, oxytocin will be given to speed it up. If the amniotic fluid is stained a dark color, the gynecologist will induce labor as it may be an indication of fetal distress.

The color of the amniotic fluid when it comes out must be transparent, if it is green it is important to go to the hospital in the shortest possible time since the liquid could be stained by meconium, the baby's first stool in the first days of life and there could be fetal distress when it occurs inside the uterus.

In case of water breaking before labor has startedIn addition to going to the hospital so that the gynecologist can assess your condition and that of the baby, you should put on a compress and maintain good hygiene to avoid infections.

Many times bursa rupture occurs after labor begins or even if the labor is advanced and the bag has not ruptured spontaneously, the same medical personnel can cause the rupture. It is not highly recommended since it is a process that does not favor natural childbirth.

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