The pirate, poetry to encourage children to learn

The pirate, poetry to encourage children to learn

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There are poems that entertain and amuse. Others, in addition, They encourage kids and are great educational tools. For example, with this poem, El pirata, your son will return to school after the holidays with much more enthusiasm.

Do not stop reading to your child 'The pirate', a children's poetry about learning that will motivate your child to want to go back to school to learn to read and write.

and I want to learn to read,

but with my eye covered

I can't see the lyrics well

I want to learn the vowels

the consonants too,

invent new words

and write them on paper.

Write what they tell me

all the stars in the sky,

the sun, the moon, the bears,

the stars and stars.

Write what they tell me

the animals of the sea,

whales and dolphins,

and a giant squid.

Write what they tell me

the seagulls and the ducks,

all the birds of the sky,

pelicans and albatrosses.

Write in big letters

and colored paints,

in the sails of my ship

"Galleon the Snails"

Let them know that I am a pirate

of a beautiful galleon,

that I like colors,

the sea, the sky and the sun.

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