The animated short about gay child love that has gone viral

The animated short about gay child love that has gone viral

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'In a heartbeat' (in an instant) is the name of the bravest (and for many controversial) animated short of recent times. The theme, homosexual infatuation, has already been discussed on many other occasions in the cinema. But never before did they dare to portray homosexuality in childhood within the world of animation. The short, delicate and emotional, is dividing society. Here's the animated short about gay child love that has gone viral.

The short lasts just over 4 minutes, and tells the love story between two boys: Sherwin and Jonathan. Both are attracted but they must fight against the prejudices of their peers, who look at them with disdain. This is a real situation, according to the creators of this short, that many children go through.

The 'parents' of this animation work are two film students from Ringling College of Art in Florida (USA): Beth David and Esteban Bravo. They decided to bet on this theme in the preparation of their thesis work, in order to launch a message not only of tolerance towards the gay sector, but also of self-acceptance towards children and adolescents who even today struggle against numerous prejudices in society.

To make the short film, its creators had to ask for financial help, so they organized a charity event and to their surprise, they managed to raise much more money than they imagined. They accumulated a total of $ 14,000, four times what they had scheduled. Money that will undoubtedly be amortized very soon, since In just two days, his short has garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube.

The short is itself a tender love story between two children. By the way, that initially this, the infatuation, was going to be between a boy and a girl, as the common thread of the entire short. However, shortly after, both Esteban and Beth decided to turn their story around and thought that in this case, the two protagonists would be male. Thus, they would delve into a debate within today's society. The story itself is innocently told. According to its creators, because they wanted to narrate it before the eyes of children, so that they could understand it.

To develop it, both Esteban and Beth shared their different childhood experiences on this subject. From there, they created the profile of the two protagonists. In the short, we can see how Sherwin's heart leaps with excitement when he sees Jonathan. And despite the fact that at first the little one tries to contain him, he escapes to be with his lover. Sherwin tries to get his heart back, but trying to get him away from the person he fell in love with ... he breaks. The short, however, bets on a happy ending: Jonathan decides to renounce the prejudices of society and go together with Sherwin.

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