The superpowers of friends

The superpowers of friends

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Friends are superheroes. They have super powers. As they are very discreet, friends do not usually show off about them. They look like normal children. But we all know the big secret. Only we play the clueless.

The friends are super fast, super strong, and possess indestructible machines capable of generating unimaginable powers. You do not believe it? Here you will discover the true superpowers of friends.

During childhood, friends teach children many things, but they also bring them many benefits. It is all due, perhaps, to his superpowers ... Here are the main superpowers of friends (although there are more):

1. Super speed: I remember when I was a child. I only had to call my friend's phone once. It was down in less than a minute. For that, he used his super speed. My friend was able to run faster than anyone. Especially if he needed her. I once hinted to him that he should go to the Olympics and do some track and field test.

2. Anger detector: One day I discovered that it was not the only superpower I had. My friend had an anger detector. A radar. It was awesome. He didn't have to say anything. He would look at me and say: 'let's see, why are you angry'. It left me with a face of astonishment and in the end, of course, I ended up confessing.

3. Machine to make laugh: My friend had a hypnotic power over me, like a kind of super powerful magnet. As soon as he saw her, he would go to her. I loved their laugh machine. We laughed at whatever nonsense he said. And his imagination activated mine like a spring. Together we dreamed of traveling into space, dancing in a great ballet company or becoming eminences of research.

4. No limiter: But there is more. My friend had a fascinating power: a limiter of No. She never said no to me. 'Do you want to play?'. 'Yes'. 'Do you want us to draw together?' And so always.

5. Super vision: In case that was porco, my friend had super vision. I was able to spot myself among dozens of girls dressed in the same uniform and combed with the same ponytail in record time.

6. Tear eraser machine: From time to time he used his tear-eraser, because we also got angry. After arguing, he would put sadness in his machine and the next day he would come back with a big smile on his face.

7. Vault of good memories: And once he confessed to me that he had a secret place to keep all the good memories. He told me it was a vault of unlimited capacity. No one could destroy it. Never.

For this reason, I, who also have mine, consult from time to time the memories of all the good times I spent with her. Most of them are instants, mere details. When we invented 'rock football' because we couldn't take a ball to school, or when we planned a fantastic trip to Greenland.

You, surely, also have all those super powers. With which friend do you use them?

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