The good and bad of being an only child

The good and bad of being an only child

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Between 20 and 30% of the world's parents decide to have only one child. The reasons can be very diverse: from the separation of parents, through a more comfortable economy, sterility, work ... to the prohibition of having more than one child in countries like China.

There has always been controversy about the benefits or not of being an only child. There are several studies that support that what we really thought about them is not true. Only children do not have to be more pampered, more selfish, or more dependent, but these conditions are given depending on the education we want to give our child.

Yes, there are characteristics that seem to be repeated, but that do not always occur. On our site we tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an only child.

- It is economically much more comfortable.

- You will be able to do those activities that you like and, in general, they tend to be better prepared academically, since they are often more stimulated by parents.

- They mature faster, since they will interact longer with adults.

- They tend to have good friendships and keep them longer. His friends are very important to him.

- They will be more attached to you.

- They tend to have a stronger character and greater self-esteem.

- Parents tend to be very demanding with them, they tend to feel more pressure, and they are more afraid of failure.

- They tend to be more controlling, since they are the ones in command at all times in games or in their toys, and it is more difficult for them to accept the rules imposed by others.

- They are used to being the center of attention and tend to constantly claim it.

- They do not have a good tolerance for frustration.

- They get bored easily and will depend more on you.

- They tend to be more lonely.

- It will cost you more to separate from him when he grows up.

- They have less support when their parents have problems.

If you have decided that you are only going to have one child, do not worry, it is not something contraindicated for him, you just have to be a little more careful not to spoil him too much.

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