Dos and Don'ts to Raise Happy Children

Dos and Don'ts to Raise Happy Children

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Parents have many challenges ahead of us: that our children learn manners, that they know the hygiene rules, that they obey, that they learn to make an effort ... They are many and very varied but, above all those challenges is the most important achievement, make our children grow up happy.

And it is that, we have the key so that his childhood is happy or not. Everything we do and what we don't do influences it. Here's what we DO and what we should NOT do to raise happy children

This is a simple table that summarizes what experts, pedagogues, psychologists, teachers and teachers have told us about our site over many years. These are the advice given to us by those who know how education and the environment influence how a child behaves or how it affects their self-esteem.

1. Pay attention to them: Our day-to-day life is complicated, but we must not overlook that they need us and that many reactions or bad behaviors of children are due to the fact that they are attracting our attention.

2. Express affection: We may not be very expressive people, but children need us to tell them how much we love them and how important they are to us.

3. Praise their achievements: is the so named in recent times positive reinforcement, it is about telling him how well he is doing to motivate him and keep him trying.

4. Encourage their independence: We parents must raise autonomous and independent children, who do not need us at every step, we must give them the weapons so that they can do it, since this fosters their self-esteem and the confidence they have in themselves.

5. Thank him: Gratitude is a very important value to develop in childhood and for them to learn it, we must teach them to be grateful.

6. Help him develop his social skills: we live in society and we interact with others, learning to do it in a civilized and positive way will help them to feel good about themselves, to be happier.

7. Be nice to your child: apologize if you have made a mistake, be generous and pleasant in the deal.

8. Educate positively: Positive discipline has many better effects on the happiness of the child than education based on yelling, slapping and bad manners.

9. Listen to him: It is essential to know if you are worried, if you have a problem or simply to let them know how much we care about the things that happen to them.

10. Be a good example: Example is a fundamental value in the education of children to be consistent with what we ask of them, otherwise we will create confusion and they will feel injustice.

One of the biggest mistakes we make as parents and that directly affects the happiness of our children is overprotection, since it does not let them grow as people, they do not accept frustration, they lack motivation and they have no arguments to overcome difficult situations .

The lack of affection, the negative phrases, the shouting, the lack of limits and norms, the comparisons and judgments about their behavior, the lack of affection or the constant and systematic use of "noç2 para todo y por todo, has a direct impact on the child's happiness It makes them have low self-esteem and feel insecure.

And these mistakes that prevent raising happy children are based on the lack of empathy that parents sometimes show since, in many cases, we forget that one day we were children.

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