Why Some Women Produce More Breast Milk Than Others

Why Some Women Produce More Breast Milk Than Others

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One of the main fears and insecurities of breastfeeding mothers is whether they produce enough milk, if their baby is hungry, if he is properly fed.

On the basis that breast milk is the best food we can offer our baby, that is, it has all the nutritional components that our child needs; it is true that we are not able to control the amount you drink, as we would with the bottle. A very common question around breastfeeding is: why do some women produce more breast milk than others.

There are many indications that our baby is well fed, however, We often compare ourselves to other mothers, even other babies.

There are women who produce a lot of milk, which overflows, they need to constantly wear breast pads, their babies choke, they get fat every day. Their breasts are constantly engorged.

On the other hand, there are others who do not need to wear anything, they never stain their shirt, it seems that they do not have milk, and yet their babies are healthy and happy and gain weight correctly.

Except for specific cases of hypogalactia,each woman will produce exactly the amount of breast milk her baby needs, or their babies in the case of multiple or tandem breastfeeding. So we should not look at our friend or our neighbor, if she is wearing protectors or not, or if her breasts are more perky; We must look at our baby, to look for signs of an inadequate production: that he does not wet the diapers, that he is very down, that he does not cry, that he is constipated, that he does not wake up for feedings, inadequate weight gain, etc.

The opposite side of hypogalactia is an overly strong ejection reflex, which usually occurs when women produce too much milk. When it happens, there are some babies who learn to manage it well by opening their mouths, or by separating from the breast, while there are others who take it badly, perhaps because of their temperament: they tend to get angry at the breast, choke, cough, suffer from gas, liquid stools and green…

Milk production must adapt to what our baby needs, that is why the greater the supply and the greater the stimulus from the baby, the greater the milk production will also be; we must feed our little one whenever he demands it, without clocks and without protocols.

There are mothers who only need to offer a breast, and with this the baby is satiated; and others need to offer both breasts. Both situations are normal, each breastfeeding is different, each baby is unique just like each woman. That is why we should never compare two women or two babies. What matters is that both are well, that the mother does not have difficulties, doubts, insecurities and that the baby grows up healthy and happy.

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