Multiple pregnancies and fertility techniques

Multiple pregnancies and fertility techniques

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The fertilizationWhen it occurs naturally, it tends to produce single pregnancies in 99% of cases, so the remaining 1% are multiple pregnancies, either twins or twins.

However, when we examine pregnancies produced by Assisted reproduction, the index goes up. In these cases, 20% of the pregnancies that are achieved through fertility methods result in a multiple pregnancy, be it twins, triplets or even more.

The fertility techniques and multiple pregnancies they are closely related. The In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) the chance of having more than one baby increases as more than one fertilized egg implants in the uterus. However, many couples are afraid of this incidence of multiple pregnancies. How to solve it?

Having twins and even triplets is easier when the couple resorts to fertility treatments, so much so that in recent years, twin pregnancies have increased, since more and more couples find more problems to conceive naturally.

However, since multiple pregnancy is considered a risky pregnancy, experts try to fine-tune their techniques to avoid this situation. And, the single pregnancy has much fewer complications than a twin or triplet pregnancy.

Today, in many countries, assisted reproduction clinics are already trying to prevent twin pregnancy. How do they do that? During ovulation, each follicle releases an egg that is waiting to be fertilized. Today, clinics cancel the assisted reproduction cycle if the woman has more stimulated follicles than recommended. In addition, the number of embryos that are transferred is controlled, implanting only one embryo or at most two.

Is about avoid cases as serious as octuplets or quintuplets pregnancies, real cases that have occurred in different parts of the world after an In Vitro Fertilization. In this way, a single embryo is selected and the one that has a high probability of development is chosen.

This does not mean that a couple is free to have a twin pregnancy after having conceived through an assisted reproduction method, but it is important to know that specialized clinics are aware of the problem and increasingly put more means to prevent this from happening .

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