How to decorate the child's room according to his age

How to decorate the child's room according to his age

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A baby's room shouldn't be the same as an 8-year-old's. In both cases, the children have neither the same abilities nor the same needs.

The Catalan interior designer Susanna Cots (Girona, Spain), gives us a series of tips for decorating the child's room according to their age.

As many psychologists and educators affirm, children are small but their character is being formed from an early age and they know what they want. So it is advisable to listen to them as much as possible, since it is their space and they are more creative than we think. We adults must advise and guide them to create a harmonious space.

In the case of babies, obviously, we must be the ones who organize their room according to their needs, but after a certain age, we can ask the little ones for their opinion.

The interior designer Susanna cots reminds us that there are two principles that we must respect when designing a children's room:

1. That prioritizes the autonomy of the child or girl, whatever age you are.

2. Never encourage violence, the exaltation (that many times the strident colors transmit us), or the disorder.

Based on these principles, you can write down these tips according to your child's growth stage:

- From 0 to 3 years: Comfort for parents and interaction with the family. The room has to be comfortable for the parents, without songs and with elements to interact with the family (with armchairs, mirrors, stories, little light, light colors ...). If it is a play area, it should also be designed with spaces for their height and to teach them to order their toys.

- From 3 to 7 years: The importance of the little things. At this stage, everything is usually saved, especially the small, which makes them very funny. The storage of both toys and stories will be key at this stage.

- From 8 to 15 years: The room becomes a completely timeless and evolutionary space. We went from more things (toys that require a lot of storage) to less things and more books, music… In short, independence and our own personality. Always betting on light colors and decorative props that advance with the stage.

- From the age of 15: We are entering the dreaded adolescence where each room is a world, like each adolescent, who seeks privacy and consolidates his own personality. Regarding design, it is preferable to continue with white and more serious chromatic tones, accompanied by personal walls with drawings or photographs. It is a stage that already combines memories and projects for the future and the design should reflect this.

Susanna Cots. Interior designer

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