The boy David and the whale. Children's Stories

The boy David and the whale. Children's Stories

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The boy David and the whale is a story that talks about friendship. Or rather, how a child imagines himself to be a friend. Among other things, a friend is someone with whom to share confidences. But also someone who teaches you to respect and learn from differences.

It had been raining non-stop for four days. The four days that David and his family had been on vacation.

It was raining hard on the empty beach, it rained without respite on the roof of the caravan in which the child David and his family invented ways to pass the time, of waiting for that endless rain to take a break.

They played cards.

They played goose and Parcheesi.

They played chess, checkers and also dominoes.

But time did not pass. Nor does the rain.

The boy David looked out the window and sighed. He had so many plans for those vacations at sea ... He wanted to build a sand castle and invite his princess to play shovels. He wanted to dive into the waves and have the mermaids teach him to breathe underwater. Then I wanted to swim and swim and swim. Go to the high seas and meet some pirates of the eye patch and peg leg. I wanted to sail with them through a thousand seas, from end to end of the planet, through each continent and each ocean. Later, when he decided to return home, tired of seeing the world so much, he would do it on a huge whale.

He would be a shiny-skinned whale, always giving him conversation, and always most interesting. She would tell him what it was like to be a whale, and the boy David who didn't always like going to school. She would tell him about poachers, and he about what it was like to be a fugitive pirate. She, who like all whales would be a vegetarian, would teach him to eat plankton and other plants, and the boy David, very surprised, would eat it as if it were the best of sandwiches. Then, when they got back to the beach, she would say goodbye by releasing a stream of water through her lungs. And David would be fired to the beach, where a pirate would arrive ...

- David, David ... stop sleeping! Put on your swimsuit that the sun has risen ...

So they finally went to the beach ...

Would the boy David fulfill his purposes as a pirate?

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