9 toy ideas that cost very little money

9 toy ideas that cost very little money

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With an egg box, paint, plastic caps and two Styrofoam balls, you can make this original fire engine. A toy within reach of any pocket and that will give your children good times.

A roll of toilet paper, cellophane and cardboard can be transformed, following a few simple steps, into an original cardboard rocket that will fly through the stars and planets in search of adventure. Sometimes we don't need a lot of money for toys, just imagination and creativity.

With two rolls of kitchen paper, paint and the desire to have fun, you can make this cardboard plane at home. It is very easy to do and children can spend great time playing with this original and inexpensive toy.

Do you know how much we have spent on these racing cars? Just a few coins, and it is made with rolls of toilet paper, plastic plugs and paint. A great way to teach children how with little money they can have a great time.

We have not invested a large amount of money to make this bowling game, we have only recycled some elements. With some small plastic bottles of liquid yogurt, we have managed to make this fun bowling game.

This game stimulates the memory of children. It is about finding the same pairs, but this game is not online, nor has it been bought in any store, we have not even invested a lot of money. With a few plugs, paint, and a marker, we created this simple and inexpensive memory game.

Do you like this little plane? It is a really cheap toy, since we only needed a clothespin and ice cream sticks to make it. Your children can make this wooden plane at home in a fun and easy way.

If you have a cardboard egg carton at home, don't throw it away, you can make different toys with it. At GuiaInfantil, we have created this naughty little bee precisely with a box of eggs. If you put a rope on it, it can be a mobile to hang in the children's room.

If your children like castles you have two options: buy one or do it yourself. This second option is certainly cheaper, but the children will still have a great time, both building the castle and later playing knights, ladies in distress and evil dragons.