Tongue twisters to play with children at home and at school

Tongue twisters to play with children at home and at school

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Tongue twisters are fun to play with. It is an ideal game to acquire speed of speech, with precision and without mistakes. The tongue twister, also known astongue unlocker, are useful for exercising and improving children's language and speech. Tongue twisters have been made to unblock the tongue, without any hindrance or reduction, and if there is any reduction in your tongue, with a tongue twister you can unlock your tongue. our site invites us to play ...

To begin, we must slowly recite each phrase, over and over again, and then repeat them each time and little by little more quickly. Tongue twisters are a word game with difficult sounds and pronunciation, and are used to test your skills. So ... go for it!

R with r cigar,
r with r barrel,
fast the cars roll,
loaded with sugar from the railroad.

When you tell stories
count how many stories you tell,
because if you don't tell how many stories you tell
you will never know how many stories you tell.

Pepe asks for pipes
and Pepe asks for potatoes,
Pepe was able to peel pipes,
but Pepe couldn't peel potatoes,
because Pepe's potatoes
they weren't potatoes,
They were cucumbers! He screwed up.
(Sebastián Martín Ruiz)

This was a Pipiripinta hen,
fat pipirigorda, piripintiva, and deaf. I was ten
Pipiripintos pinto chicks, fat pipirigordos,
piripintivos and deaf. If the hen had not been
pint pipiripinta, fat pipirigorda, piripintiva and deaf,
the chicks would not have been pintos pipiripintos,
fat pipirigordos piripintivos and deaf.
(Yami and Chucho, from Cuba)

In the juncal of Junqueira,
reeds Julian gathered.
Juan got together to put them together
and together they gathered reeds.

The Cinderella Hen
in the ashtray it is,
the one who turns it off
good de-ash will be.

The sky is in a tight angle
the one that will unravel it
good untangler will be.

In the horns of a skinny cow there is a nest of gilfiligalfos,
in the nest there are five gilfiligalfillos,
The disgust filigree who disgust them filigal,
It will be a good dengilfiligalfador.

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Ragged Bear, our site's mascot, also invites kids to play with some very fun tongue twisters. Click on the image below and you can learn about other games to lock the tongue of children and their friends.

On our site you can find tongue twisters for children related to different and varied themes. Short tongue twisters, of each of the letters of the alphabet, of seasons, of holidays like Christmas, and much more. Let yourself be carried away by our tongue twister suggestions. You are sure to have a great time with the children.

Family tongue twisters for children. Tongue twisters are a very enjoyable and fun activity to play with children and the whole family. They are a game that, in addition to being fun, also helps to improve children's speech. On this occasion we propose to play with tongue twisters on the family, to stimulate the fluency of the children's language.

Tongue twisters with the letters of the alphabet. Here we leave you the best tongue twisters for children to test their language skills with the different letters of the alphabet. Tongue twisters are word games in which a phoneme is repeated through simple rhymes and are difficult to pronounce quickly. Tongue twisters for children with the letters of the alphabet.

Tongue twisters on animals. Impossible word games where animals are the protagonists. Fun tongue twisters on animals for the whole family. Games to improve pronunciation, vocabulary, memory and language of children.

Easy tongue twisters for kids. Tongue twisters are a way to practice language and improve your children's speech. At we propose a series of easy tongue twisters so that you can have fun with them and exercise your language. Easy tongue twisters for kids.

Tongue twisters in poetry for children. We offer you a series of tongue twister poems to improve children's diction. They are great for improving the pronunciation of some phonemes.

Long tongue twisters for children. Tongue twisters are fun games for children to practice language and have fun playing. With them they will have a better diction and can improve their vocabulary and language. Long tongue twisters for children.

Christmas tongue twisters. our site brings you Christmas tongue twisters. Tongue twisters, also known as tongue twisters, are word games whose pronunciation out loud is made difficult by the repetition of a syllable. We suggest you play Christmas tongue twisters with the children.

And if you know another tongue twister and want to share it with us:

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