School homework. Tips for parents and children

School homework. Tips for parents and children

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Homework is part of the training and learning of children in most schools. When they finish their school day, they have to do some work, exercises or tasks at home.

Aside from the controversial debate about whether children should have homework or not, the reality is that they do, and we have to organize work in the most effective and productive way for the child. Especially in the early years when it is still difficult for them to work alone. On our site you will find a whole series of tips for parents and children on homework that will surely be useful to you.

Should we help our children to do their homework or not? How long do they have to do schoolwork? Where and when do they have to work? We clarify all your doubts about the children's homework.

When the child does not want to do homework. We have to find a way to motivate children to do homework drama-free for both parents and children. These are the solutions of our site when the child does not want to do homework.

Advantages and disadvantages of homework. We analyze the pros and cons of homework in childhood. Are homework good for anything? Or should they be removed? We look for the benefits and also the disadvantages of homework.

How should summer homework be. Should children do summer homework? How homework should be during summer vacation. Tips for taking advantage of the summer or holidays to strengthen your skills.

Errors and successes with homework. On our site we are going to tell you what parents should do with their children's school homework and what we should never do in relation to school homework.

Tricks to help children with homework. How you can help your children with homework. Learn the hours, the days of the week, months, years, multiplication tables, the bones of the human body, poems ... Sometimes children find it difficult to acquire certain knowledge. Tips for children to learn better and easier.

10 mistakes we make with homework. 10 mistakes made by parents when doing homework. Dos and Don'ts of Helping Children with Homework at School.

Get the child to do homework without drama. Sometimes to get children to do something we have to repeat things 20 times, like doing their homework every day when they come back from school. The psychologist María Luisa Ferrerós explains how to achieve this with a practical example and without losing our temper.

How to help children with homework. Homework helps children develop skills such as organization, precision, discipline, and commitment. But how can parents help our children with their homework? Parents can support their children by demonstrating their organizational and study skills but not doing their homework for them.

When and where children should do their homework. What is the best time and place to do them? Tips to make homework easier. Is it better to do your homework in the bedroom, kitchen or living room?

School homework in childhood. Homework helps children develop skills such as organization, precision, discipline, and commitment. It is a practice that will help you a lot in your preparation for adult life.

Do you do your children's homework? What not to do when your child brings homework from school. Doing homework for children is not only a big mistake for parents as it is very harmful to children. It is common for some parents to prefer to finish their children's homework themselves, because it is faster.

How to survive homework. How to survive children's homework. The children come home with homework every day. There are parents to whom this practice seems wrong because they think it overloads them, others think that it is good for them to learn to take responsibility. Should we help the children do their homework?

Punish children for not doing homework, yes or no? Punishing children for not doing their homework is a very common practice of parents but very little educational. We teach you the alternatives to punishment if your child does not want to do homework or homework.

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