People you should stay away from in pregnancy

People you should stay away from in pregnancy

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The most common is that the pregnancy runs without any complications. However, it may be that the people around you and who care about you on a daily basis, you should keep them away from you, in these months of pregnancy, for the sake of your health and that of the baby.

Yes, indeed you do well if you are thinking of those friends with whom you went out for drinks until the early hours of the morning, those who smoke like chimneys, that boss who has you with the creeps every time he passes you, or that negative relative who is crying out his sorrows to you all day and ends up infecting you with his negativity.These are the people you should stay away from in pregnancy.

1. There are people who without realizing it can harm us significantly, this is the case of theheavy smokers, who also cannot avoid, or have no problems, smoking half a pack of tobacco while they ask you about the details of your pregnancy.

It has been proven that passive smoking, in this case you and your baby, has harmful effects on the body, and even if there are few cigarettes, there really is no safe minimum when it comes to exposing your body and the baby's tomore than 7000 harmful toxic substances that can affect its development and growth.

For starters, tobacco smoke lowers the oxygen level the baby receives, increases the heart rate, and impairs the growth of his lungs; in addition to reducing the circulation of the blood that circulates through the placenta, which means that the child receives less nutrients.

2. They are not good company either.negative people or people who generate stress, fights or fights, be it your husband, mother or boss. Get away from stress like the plague, it is never good, but much less during pregnancy, as it can affect the baby's brain development, trigger low birth weight, premature delivery or slower development. That as a first course, because if that were not enough, the stress generated by economic or family problems can even affect the child's behavior in the future, since if a mother suffers emotional changes during pregnancy, it is very likely that her child will have problems of conduct after a few years.

3. Although it is very hard to say, it is not advisable for you to approachpeople who are receiving radiation treatment. Not all radioactive treatments, especially those applied against cancer, have negative effects, since most of them do not emit radiation after the session is over; however, there are others in which radioactive iodine is used, in the case of the thyroid for example, in which radioactive substances run through the body until they are discharged by the kidneys. In these cases, it is not appropriate for children or pregnant women to approach patients for a few days after treatment.

4. Finally, stay away frompeople who have contagious diseases, and remember that you will not be able to take medications during the pregnancy, so much better if you stay as healthy as possible.

They will look at you like a freak, but surely if you explain it they will understand.

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