Watch out for some songs that our children sing

Watch out for some songs that our children sing

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"Bring me the alcohol that takes away the pain, today we are going to join the moon and the sun", "Daddy, give me what I want" ... that's how my daughters chanted the songs on the radio the other day in the car.

Do we really pay attention to the lyrics of the songs that our children sing? If we did, it is very likely that we would not let them hear them.

-Look how funny! –My mother said; -All the songs are known.

That was when Yo !, who until then had been a suspicious mother of what my daughters saw on television; Me! that he had censored the television series of high school teenagers, where dress and foolishness prevailed over any lucid mind; me! that he had been trying for 7 years to instill in them the value of morality, of the importance of the intellect over the body, of independence as women; I, the supposed feminist mother! I saw myself chanting that music with my daughters, whose lyrics I had never noticed, despite the fact that I knew it by heart, until the moment when I heard my daughters clearly: "Daddy, give me what I want."

Indeed, my daughters did not know what they were saying, they did not understand the real meaning of those words, but my eyes went like saucers of coffee and I looked at my mother with a face of horror. My mother looked back at me. "Daughter, what's wrong with you? Does it seem like you've seen a UFO?" Nor had he ever noticed the letter.

We both pounced on the volume of the radio, but it was late, my daughters had absorbed like kitchen paper, the macho juices of those lyrics.

It has been shown, since time immemorial, that music influences the mood, culture, and even the morals of men. And, reggaetón is a reflection of a society in which I clearly don't want my daughters to participate.

It highlights the importance of women being considered only a sexual object, (at least I have never heard a reggaeton lyrics where the intellectual values ​​of women are praised) beauty, sensuality, the way of dressing and acting are enhanced, only to seduce men, objects are exalted Materials: the car, the shiny gold watch, the brand clothes, the luxury mansions ...

I may see that these values ​​are not important in real life, but in the sponge that children have for their brains it is a real danger and can really affect your behavior; I assure you that I have checked it with some friends of my daughters.

I have seen how children identify with these letters, especially adolescents, and they pursued those same values ​​to be accepted by the group. They copied the value of things, their physical aspects and their gestures; They are so manipulable that they value their world based on such superficial values.

They followed fashion without exercising any critical judgment on those lyrics, losing their individuality and letting themselves be carried away by stereotypes, acting like women with barely 10 years old.

In short, the next time I go in the car with her, I will play the songs of Enrique and Ana, whose greatest danger is that they will learn the multiplication tables by heart or that they will cry for the loss of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente without knowing who he is. .

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