How to explain to children where babies come from

How to explain to children where babies come from

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Where do babies come from? What's inside mommy's belly? These are some of the questions that many children often ask their parents; It is the most normal thing in the world since children are naturally curious and want to know more about the world around them. Your duty as parents is to answer all your questions.

Calm, do not panic! We know that this type of questions can become uncomfortable, but they should be taken calmly and naturally, then the psychologist Mónica Poblador explains what to say to children when they ask us where babies come from.

1- If your child asks why you have a belly, answer clearly and concisely, explain that inside there is a baby that is growing inside the womb and that it is in a kind of bag called the womb.

2- And how is it that a baby is forming in there? The answer to your question is that there have been two cells, one from Dad and one from Mom, that are growing and multiplying. Slowly, in a few months a baby will be formed, a little brother or sister, who will come to the world to be cared for and cared for.

3- It is better to give the children real meanings and that the child builds his own knowledge from reality.

4- Depending on the age we do not have to give them too many explanations, they must be concrete and simple, do not get nervous, you just have to treat the issue as what it is, something natural.

5- If we come to have the feeling of having given too much information at the beginning, there is no need to worry, as we will already talk about it and clarify doubts that arise.

6- Another very good tip is to listen to the children and tell us a little about your curiosity and the specific questions you have, based on your level of knowledge, we can answer your questions.

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