Most common mistakes after delivery

Most common mistakes after delivery

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Once we have given birth, the most important thing is to take care of ourselves, being well is essential to be able to take care of our baby.

We must remember that the puerperium is a delicate moment for women, from different points of view: emotionalWe are a cluster of emotions many times encountered, we go from laughing to crying, from the insecurity that caring for such a small being can produce in us to believing ourselves capable of everything; Y physical, our body is going to regress, keep in mind that it has undergone incredible changes in the past nine months, that we have raised a new human being within ourselves, and that we have given birth and in a short (relative) time our body tends to return to its non-pregnant state.

However, there are many errors after delivery, many times because we feel good or want to run more than necessary, or simply due to ignorance.

- Bring your pre-pregnancy clothes to the hospital with the hope of putting them on once you've given birth: I understand that you end up tired of maternity clothes, always wearing the same; but I assure you that until after a few weeks you will not be able to even consider fitting back into your pants (and it is not necessary). The fair normal of having given birth is that we have an abdomen of about 5 months, especially from the second child; so gummed camisoles and pants will remain in your closet for some time.

- Do not ask for help: the superwoman complex is a huge mistake most of us make. We believe we are capable of everything, to raise the baby, to attend to each and every one of their needs, to be beautiful, to attend visitors with the best of our smiles, to have an impeccable house. And believe me, but this ultimately takes its toll, and it comes out somewhere. So, let yourself be pampered, that they help you in everything for which you are not indispensable; the first month you should rest as much as you can.

- Doing sit-ups too earlyAs I said, the most striking thing in the postpartum on a physical level, or at least what usually worries us the most is our abdomen; but you should not do classic sit-ups under any circumstances postpartum. You can start with hypopressive abdominal gymnastics, but always after evaluation of the pelvic floor and abdominal diastasis by the midwife or a specialized physiotherapist. The classic abdominals, far from improving your abdomen, could lead to an injury to the pelvic floor and abdomen, so for now, forget about them.

- Start doing Kegel exercises like crazy, or forget about them completely: Kegel exercises, which are voluntary pelvic floor contractions, can be started even in hospital; They will serve to work the strength of the pelvic floor, which is often weakened by pregnancy and / or childbirth (even if it has been a cesarean section), it is usually useful to help the drainage of the area (in the case of edema or hemorrhoids), for proprioception. But we must not be obsessed, since an excessive exercise in the area can lead to hypertonicity, that is, a contracture of the perineal muscles; which also causes dysfunctions (pain, tension, incontinence, etc.). So, to clear up any doubts, I once again fervently recommend a pelvic floor assessment by the midwife or physiotherapist to recommend which is the best rehabilitation in your case.

- Forget about scars: Unfortunately most of us have war wounds after giving birth; be it episiotomy or tear, or even a cesarean section. The scars are not only important to treat for an aesthetic issue, but also for functional purposes, since when reaching deep planes they generate adhesions and tension in the nearby tissues. Scars on the pelvic floor can cause pain when resuming sexual intercourse that can last even years, incontinence, lower back pain; While cesarean sections destabilize the abdomen, lower back pain, deep adhesions can cause problems in the pelvic floor, and aesthetically a skirt, like a small Michelin that tends to make women very uncomfortable.

I advise you to make an appointment with a specialized physiotherapist who will inform you of the necessary care so that these scars are fully integrated into our body, the adhesions are worked and also on an aesthetic level. In this sense the application of radiofrequency treatments provides excellent results in the recovery of scars of all kinds, always together with manual therapy. Applying pure rosehip oil, or enriched with vitamin E and getting massages in the area will be some of the cares that we can apply ourselves.

And we could continue with a long list of postpartum mistakes that we have all made, such as sit on a float if we have stitches in the perineum area that, far from improving, will cause the area to become even more edematous, and the stitches can be opened; put you on a strict diet in the immediate postpartum or eat voraciously: it is essential that you eat and hydrate well, but without going to any extreme; sin of excessive hygiene in the wounds or use a girdle. Many are the urban legends, the beliefs of the people around us.

As a midwife and mother, I advise you to listen to your body, rest when it asks, use common sense and when in doubt, go to your midwife, she is here to help you in times of doubt.

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