Grandparents for children

Grandparents for children

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Who are grandparents to children? Which represent? Well, if we want to know, let's ask them ... Although parents are used to our little ones being the ones who ask us at all times and about everything: what, how, when, why, ... and we know of their surprising desire to learn , of their ingenious way of seeing things, let us look into their wonderful minds through our questions.

What do our children think of their grandparents? I share with you some brief responses from children aged 6 to 8 on the question What is a grandfather? Among the answers we will not find a formal dictionary definition, but we will find a residue, an experience, a feeling that will tell us a lot about our children. They respond above all to the wisdom of their innocence, the joy of their experiences, the inventiveness of their occurrences and the improvisation of their spontaneity. Let's read and laugh.

1. Grandparents They are a lady and a man who since they don't have children of their own they like others very much.
2. A grandfather is a grandmother, but a man.
3. Grandparents are people who have nothing to do, they are only busy when we visit them.
4. Grandparents are so old that they shouldn't run.
5. Grandparents are people with whom shopping is great fun.
6. When we go out for a walk with them, they stop to show us nice things like leaves of different shapes, a centipede of many colors or the house of the wolf.
7. They don't tell us, 'Hurry!'
8. Generally, grandmothers are fat ladies, but still they bend over to tie our shoes.
9. They are gentlemen who use glasses to read, they always lose them and when I have stayed to sleep with them they wear very funny clothes.
10. Some grandparents have dads, those are very old, my grandmother's mom, can remove her gums and teeth ... at the same time.
11. They answer questions like: 'Why is God not married?' or why is it that dogs chase cats?
12. They don't mind telling us the same story several times and they love to read us stories.
13. Everyone should find themselves grandparents, They are the only great people, who are always happy to be with us.
14. They know that before sleeping we can eat some sweets, before going to bed, they love to pray with us and they kiss and consent to us even though we have behaved a little badly.
15. A 6-year-old boy was asked where his grandmother lived and he replied: She lives at the airport, when we need her we go there and look for her and when we want her to return home we take her back to the airport.

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