Educate the will of children

Educate the will of children

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Get the children to know control your willpower and have the capacity and the preparation to face the difficulties and challenges of each day, it is not so easy, although if the parents educate them in this sense from when they are still very young, it is not so difficult to achieve it.

Children must learn to control their impulses, desires and wills from a very young age. They will learn that only with the effort is achieved and achieved what is proposed. To achieve this, it is necessary to make children know their strengths through positive motivation. That will promote good self-esteem, maturity and responsibility, little by little.

Demanding also costs. The capacity for kind demands of parents and teachers will, to a large extent, mark the development of the capacity for work and effort, and the virtues of children. Requiring children to control their wills also takes effort. You cannot demand that the child learn to control himself overnight. It takes time, patience, resignations and sacrifices. However, without this effort, nothing will be accomplished with children.

In today's society, it is very normal in many families for parents to try to prevent their children from suffering or trying too hard. They want, of course, a better life for their children, with less demands and more comfort. What happens is that they end up overprotecting their children. In this way, you are not teaching them to overcome their difficulties, to overcome problems, or to strive for what they want.

For a good habit to become a virtue it is necessary for children to understand what they do and why they do it, as well as how they do it, whether by making an effort or simply demanding their parents without controlling their will. The virtues and values ​​are those that can help the child to control his will and promote effort. Here are some tips that can be applied in the day to day of the family:

1- That the children finish their homework or homework before going to play;

2- Positively motivate their good behaviors and try to talk to them (positively) about the bad ones;

3- Recognize your interest and your efforts (quench your thirst on a trip, finish your homework, leave your clothes ready for the night ...);

4- Give examples (of not complaining, being decisive, of discipline, of commitment ...)

5- Never say negative phrases like "you are a disaster", "you are impatient", etc.

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