The presence of the father in childbirth. Yes or no?

The presence of the father in childbirth. Yes or no?

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We have seen many times in old films, when the hour of the birth of a child arrived, how all the women in the house attended to the woman in labor: midwife, mother, mother-in-law, sisters or servants, they hurried to the moment of delivery with hot water and clean cloths, while the father waited outside consuming himself with anxiety and smoking like a cart driver, with the same prominence as a porcelain vase.

How many things have changed in these scenes. Today, there are already many parents who are preparing to be present and even participate in the birth of their baby.

Births were a woman's thing! Well ... and also the pregnancy and the children. How much have things changed around here? The father now occupies the place he deserves to occupy and the woman finally has the person who can most offer her security, reassure her, encourage her and understand her in this difficult job: the man she has chosen as the father of her child. Personally, I think that there is no more suitable companion (not counting the medical staff), but it is also that for most parents it is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. That first look at your baby, and that early bond with your child, is a wonderful gift for parents.

Of course, labor is a time that produces anxiety, both in the mother and in the father, many parents may feel bewildered or helpless when they see their wife suffer or scream, while they hold her hand, accompany her breathing or dry her sweat. It doesn't matter, dads! The important thing is that you give us security and the strength we need through your presence and your vigorous and masculine hand.

I know that not all of you share this idea, some of you prefer that the father is not present because his appearance would increase your worry or stress, but why not make him participate in this special moment for your life together? Isn't it important to your son and your wife? Putting myself in the shoes of the parents, I suppose that not everyone experiences it in the same way, attending or not the delivery of his wife must be a personal decision (each one is as he is), but for those who are present, without a doubt the birth of a son is an exciting and emotional encounter with his fatherhood.

Being witnesses and accomplices from the first moment, will make your family relationship more intimate and lasting. Your role is important, Dad! We are all increasingly aware of this, in many hospitals, the father can have, if he wishes, the privilege of finishing taking his child or cutting the umbilical cord and being the first in picking him up, an unforgettable gesture for an unforgettable experience.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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